Think you're
one in a krillion?

What stage do you invest in?

We invest in companies that can demonstrate proof of concept and are seeking capital to accelerate their growth. We make follow-on investments in our portfolio companies on a deal-by-deal basis.

Do you specialize in any particular industries?

Yes. We are investing in technology companies innovating in HealthTech.

Any specific geographic focus?

We are a 'Miami-first fund'. This means that we prioritize the review of and investment in opportunities in South Florida. However, we will consider investments companies location in other locations (and perhaps we can woo you to set-up an office in Miami).

How do I get you to invest in my big idea?

Email your investor deck to:

How long will it take for us to hear back from you?

We do our best to review pitch decks within 48 hours. While we believe in fast answers some weeks are busier than others.

Why did you start Krillion Ventures?

We are entrepreneurs ourselves and wanted to build a fund by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs that was anchored in Miami. With complementary skill sets, we joined forces to provide capital, connections and counsel to early stage entrepreneurs.

How old is your fund?

We launched Krillion Ventures in January 2014, the year of the horse. The horse is not only a symbol of traveling, but also a sign of speedy success.

What is Krillion Ventures Charitable Fund?

We are investing in entrepreneurs as well as in Miami. We are committed to maximizing the return on investment for our fund and are dedicated to strengthening South Florida to help to make it an even better place to live, work and learn. Our Krillion Ventures Charitable Fund makes donations to education-focused organizations and projects throughout South Florida.

By the way, what exactly is a ‘krillion’?

Sorry to disappoint, but we didn’t name our fund after a planet from Star Trek. Rather, we blended our last names – Krinzman and Miller – and added an ‘ion’ for good luck. After all, lots of large numbers end in ‘ion’!

Think you’re one in a krillion?